Previous conductors

From its inception Hereford Choral Society it has always been conducted by the Organist and Director of Music at Hereford Cathedral. Since 2001 this post has been held by Geraint Bowen.

George Robertson Sinclair (1863-1917), conductor: 1889-1917

Elgar dedicated his Pomp and Circumstance March No 4 to Sinclair. Variation XI of the Enigma Variations (GRS) depicts Sinclair's bulldog, Dan, jumping into the River Wye. A statue of the dog stands at the spot where this is believed to have happened.

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John Hunt (1835-1842)
George Townshend Smith (1843-1877)
Langdon Colborne (1877-1889)
George Robertson Sinclair (1889-1917)
Percy Clarke Hull (1918-1949)
Meredith Davies (1950-1956)
Melville Cook (1956-1966)
Richard Hey Lloyd (1966-1974)
Roy Massey (1974-2001)

The details on this page only provide a brief synopsis of each of the Society Musical Directors. Full details are included in the comprehensive book The Organists and Organs of Hereford Cathedral.

More about George Robertson Sinclair can be found on Wikipedia.

Hereford Choral Society’s current conductor is Geraint Bowen.